Orgonite with Tensor Healing Ring

organiteTwo in one. Orgonite and a Tensor Healing Ring. 

~  Orgonite is very powerful and can assist with many different things.

~  It can remove negative entities or energies from a home.

~  Protects from negative electromagnetic signals transmitted by technology such as mobile phones, TV's, Smart meters.

~  It can remedy insomnia or nightmares when places under the pillow.

~  Purifies water.

~  Helps growth of flowers, herbs, and vegetable.

~  When placed on top of your Smart meter box it can help reduce the radiation to almost zero and can reduce your electric bill by 40 to 60 percent lower.

Organite was a term first used by the scientist Wilhelm Reich to identify Life Energy. Through his research on purifying energy fields, he discovered that by layering organic and inorganic matter, Life Force Energy could be cleaned, condensed, and magnified. This form of Energy is known by various cultures as Chi, Ki, Prana, Ether, or Life Force. He created devices to harness this Energy to cure illnesses and modify weather. Wilhelm Reich was considered to be one of the greatest natural scientists of the 20th century.


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*Applies to Aust Retail Only