Phantom Candle Quartz Point

Happiness Heals

Phantom Candle Quartz

Unveil the enchanting mysteries held within Phantom Candle Quartz—a captivating crystal renowned for its unique, ghostly inclusions that resemble phantom shapes, captured within the crystalline structure. This extraordinary phenomenon offers a glimpse into the crystal's past, symbolizing growth and evolution.

Phantom Candle Quartz, named for its resemblance to candles flickering within the crystal, embodies a profound energy that guides spiritual journeys. Each phantom within signifies moments of interruption and subsequent growth, creating a tapestry of wisdom and insight.

The ethereal phantoms, trapped within the crystal's layers, serve as gentle reminders of the passage of time and the evolution of the soul. This quartz variety acts as a beacon for introspection, aiding in the exploration of past experiences and facilitating personal transformation.

Place Phantom Candle Quartz in your sacred space or meditation area to tap into its mystical energies. Its captivating appearance and spiritual resonance make it an ideal companion for those seeking enlightenment and inner growth on their spiritual path.

Embrace the illuminating energies and mystical presence of Phantom Candle Quartz—a crystal that not only fascinates with its ghostly inclusions but also serves as a guide for spiritual explorations and inner wisdom.

Height: 65mm

Size: 40mm x 72mm

Collections: Crystals

Type: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only