Rainbow Fluorite Dolphin

Happiness Heals

Embrace the captivating allure of our Rainbow Fluorite Dolphin figurine—a graceful embodiment of natural beauty and serene energies crafted from vibrant Rainbow Fluorite. This exquisite figurine showcases a spectrum of mesmerizing colors, from deep purples and blues to soothing greens and yellows.

Each facet of this Dolphin, carved from Rainbow Fluorite, captures the essence of balance and harmony. The multi-colored hues symbolize unity and diversity, while the Dolphin's playful form represents freedom, joy, and emotional healing.

Rainbow Fluorite, celebrated for its calming and balancing properties, infuses this figurine with tranquil energies. Its subtle vibrations promote mental clarity, spiritual growth, and a sense of peace within one's surroundings.

Display this Rainbow Fluorite Dolphin figurine in your space to invite a sense of serenity and joy. Its vibrant hues and harmonizing energies make it an ideal piece for meditation, decoration, or as a reminder of the beauty of diversity and unity.

Embrace the harmonious blend of vibrant colors and soothing energies embodied in our Rainbow Fluorite Dolphin—a captivating figurine that not only mesmerizes with its beauty but also radiates tranquility and balance.

Collections: Crystals

Type: Crystal


*Applies to Aust Retail Only