Magnetic Roses

Crystal Roses Magnets 

Size: 28mm x 9m hight. 

Rose Quartz: Unconditional love & infinite peace. Helps to open the Heart & brings deep inner healing & self love. Calming & reassuring.  Excellent in trauma or crisis situations. Attracts love to the wearer, restores trust & harmony, heals a broken heart & comforts in times of grief. Encourages self forgiveness & self acceptance.

 Golden Sheen Obsidian:  Activates the Third Eye Chakra. Connects you with your divine will. Helps with your ability to manifest and create success in the world. Creating a protective shield that deflects negativity, stopping others putting power over you.  Releases blockages to your personal growth.

 Amazonite: Helps one to analyse & sort out information & combine the process with intuitive wisdom.  Helps balance the feminine & masculine energy.  It promotes kindness & practicality.  Known as the “Hope Stone”. Can help bring luck to your hopes & dreams. Amazonite helps balance the emotions & gives physical stamina.

 Flower Agate:  A nurturing Stone. Working with the Divine Feminine. Helps you to work towards your goals. Healing the Base and Heart Chakras. Opens you up to inspiration. Works with opening up & finding inner peace. helps you release stress and anxiety while bringing calm and harmony. Helps to bring positivity into your life. Soothing & calming, heals inner anger, anxiety, helping to strengthening relationships. Works at helping you find freedom from great pain.

 Sodalite: Clears up mental confusion & establishes inner peace. Strengthens the power of the mind over body. Helps eliminate fear & guilt. Frees us from old behaviour patterns that no longer serve us. Helps us to get along with others.

 Silver Sheen Obsidian:  Helps to clear & purify one's energy fields of negativity, working on the third eye chakra allowing one to “see” one's inner self. Helps to manifest your dreams & have good luck. An aid to help you be patient with yourself & your process.




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