Sleepy magic

Happiness Heals

A Magical step-by-step night time ritual for calm connected and conscious children.

Do you want to become a 'toddler whisperer' at bedtime, putting an end to the challenge of settling and sleeping? Or are your children a bit older and you are seeking a deeper, more rewarding bond? Are you searching for a way to give your child(ren) a strong sense of well-being, confidence and inner harmony?
This beautiful book is a gift to banish those sleepless nights, strengthen your relationship, while nurturing stillness and self-worth in your children. Sleepy Magic will give you tools to help your kids become clam, connected and conscious children.
Perfect for children aged 3 to 10, Sleepy Magic is a simple step-by-step night-time sleep ritual that combines:

  • Meditation,
  • Affirmations,
  • Imagination, and
  • An essential breathing technique.

It calms your child, creating a loving and safe place for connection. It teaches them that the richness of life radiates from the inside out.

With practice, this gift guarantees that you as a parent or caregiver can give and receive magic.

Author: Danielle Wright

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