Yoga Woman Pendant

Happiness Heals


Promotes focus, intuition, Clear thinking & stability.  Brings chaos into order. Absorbs & neutralise negative vibrations. Draws away negative energy & stress, Cleansing & purifying the body. Excellent for

the advancement of the mind, aiding in meditation & communication. A highly protective stone, on a psychic level & from outside influences. Placing a piece

of fluorite between your computer/printer forms an electronic protection shield.

Orange Calcite:

Strong energizing & cleansing properties.  Balancing emotions, Removing fear, helps with overcoming depression. Dissolves problems standing in the way of achieving your best potential. Alleviates intestinal, gallbladder disorders. Helps with healing the reproductive system.

Obsidian Black:

A very powerful & creative stone.  It increases self-control. Helps with facing up to one’s true self.  Corrects imbalances.  Protects against negative energies. Providing support during change. It repels negativity & disperses unloving thoughts.


“Supreme Nurturer”. Sustains & Supports through stressful times, bringing Tranquillity & Wholeness. Absorbs negative energy & Protects the Wearer. Encourages Honesty & Courage, quick-thinking & organisation. Balances Yin & Yang. Stimulates the Imagination & Transforms Ideas into Action.  Prolongs sexual pleasure.  Supports during illness & re-energises the body. Also clears electromagnetic & environmental pollution &  radiation.

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