Cats Eye (Tumbled)

Happiness Heals

A good luck stone. Associated with intuition, awareness, confidence & optimism. Turns negative thoughts into positive energy.

Blue - aids communication, public speaking & action.

Yellow - brings joy & warmth, influences self-esteem & self-recognition. Allows clarity & facilitates wise decisions.

Green - great for healing the heart, self acceptance & compassion.

Red - brings warmth, energy & stimulation.

Pink - relates to kindness, love, forgiveness, acceptance & compassion.

Black - protective, grounding & assists you to restore reality.

White/Clear - high vibration, protection, balance & harmony.

Collections: Tumbled Crystals

Category: Good Luck, Intuition, Optimism, Tumbled

Type: Tumbled Crystals


*Applies to Aust Retail Only